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1st Flush 2023 – Darjeeling Tea

1st Flush 2023, Darjeeling Tea
The 1st Flush Darjeeling Tea harvest is the first plucking season after the long and cold winters in the Darjeeling hills which starts at the end of the winter or at the early spring. Only two leaves and a bud is carefully plucked by the expert tea pluckers to produce the optimum quality product during this season. The plucked two leaves and a bud are so tender and young that they are minimally processed to keep the ornamental value and aroma intact. Also due to this factor first flush Darjeeling teas are very healthy since it contains Theanine which makes the immune system strong.

The visual appearance of a good quality first flush Darjeeling tea is greenish and tippy. When steeped first flush Darjeeling teas gives out bright yellow or orange color liquor in the cup and the flavour profile is very flowery with mild astringency at the end of each sip.

The ideal temperature difference between the day and night during this harvest is 9-12 degrees Celsius. The early first flush teas are mostly made with clonal varieties like AV2, P312, BB157 etc. since the growth is rapid in these varieties of tea bushes than the china variety (bushes grown from the seeds). Some of the world’s most high quality black, green, white & oolong teas are made during this period and also some of the batches fetches world record prices during this harvest.

As usual we are looking forward to taste some of the world’s best quality 1st Flush Darjeeling teas this year and choose the best teas for our list this year and since we are based in Darjeeling and have been in this trade for more than 3 generations now we exactly know the different sections or subdivisions of the gardens which have the best tea bushes which conceives the best raw leaves to produce some of the most delicious Darjeeling teas during this season.

We request all Darjeeling tea lovers to keep visiting our website for fresh and new first flush 2023 Darjeeling teas that will keep coming all throughout the season. The best of the best batches will be offered and highest quality is guaranteed. We thank all our tea lover friends who have supported us for so many years by buying our teas each season and complemented us for highest quality standards.

We will once again bring you the best Darjeeling teas, that’s a promise!