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Autumn Flush 2022 – Darjeeling Tea

Darjeeling Autumn Flush 2022 by Tea Emporium
The Autumn Flush is the last harvest of the year and one of the most important harvest for the Darjeeling tea industry. This harvest starts mostly after the Diwali festival or starting of November and ends by next 3-4 weeks.

After the prolonged monsoon harvest which stretches from end of July to mid weeks of October, the humidity in the air is less and we get to see clear blue skies with fair amounts of sunshine and cold breeze which means the winter is about to come.

During this period of time the tea bushes conceives new shoots and buds. The day and night temperature difference should be about 9 degrees Celsius for a good Autumn tea harvest. The Autumn teas are mostly dehydrated in leaf appearance. The flavour profile is much sweeter than the monsoon teas and has a strong and distinct after taste. Unfortunately this harvest lasts for a short period of time and some of most delicious world class Darjeeling teas are made during this period.

We have been tasting a lot of tea samples from various tea gardens of Darjeeling and only the best Autumn Flush 2022 teas will be chosen for our list.

We request all our tea lover friends to keep visiting us for latest updates on our new list of Autumn Flush 2022 Darjeeling teas.