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1st Flush 2024 – Darjeeling Tea

Darjeeling 1st Flush 2024 Tea
First Flush Darjeeling teas are revered for their exceptional quality and unique characteristics. Harvested from the first plucking of the season, typically between early March and April, these teas embody the essence of the Himalayan region.

Renowned for their delicate flavor profile, first flush Darjeeling teas are prized for their floral notes, subtle sweetness, and brisk, refreshing taste. The leaves, meticulously hand-picked from the youngest shoots, yield a brew with a light golden hue and a fragrant aroma that evokes the freshness of spring. Considered the champagne of teas, first flush Darjeeling teas offer a transcendent drinking experience cherished by tea enthusiasts worldwide.

During this harvest, the optimal temperature variance between daytime and nighttime ranges from 9 to 12 degrees Celsius. Early first flush teas predominantly feature clonal varieties such as AV2, P312, and BB157, chosen for their rapid growth compared to the slower-developing China variety. This period sees the production of some of the world’s finest black, green, white, and oolong teas in darjeeling,with select batches fetching record-breaking prices.

As always, we eagerly anticipate sampling the world’s premier first flush Darjeeling teas this year. With over three generations of experience in the trade and our location in Darjeeling, we possess intimate knowledge of the garden subdivisions that yield the finest tea bushes, resulting in the most exquisite Darjeeling teas of the season.

We invite all Darjeeling tea enthusiasts to regularly visit our website for fresh arrivals of first flush 2024 Darjeeling teas throughout the season. We assure the highest quality standards, with the best batches available for your enjoyment. We extend our gratitude to our loyal customers for their unwavering support over the years and their appreciation of our commitment to excellence.

Rest assured, we pledge to once again deliver the epitome of Darjeeling teas.