Darjeeling tea is a tea made from Camellia sinensis var that is grown and processed in Darjeeling, West Bengal, India. Since 2004, the term Darjeeling tea has been a registered geographical indication referring to products produced on certain estates within Darjeeling.

The tea leaves are processed as black tea, though some estates have expanded their product offerings to include leaves suitable for making green, white and oolong teas. The tea leaves are harvested by plucking the plant’s top two leaves and the bud, from March to November, a time span that is divided into three flushes, First, Second & Autumn Flushes.

Tea plants were first planted in the Darjeeling region in the mid-1800s. As Darjeeling tea gained a reputation for its distinctiveness and quality, it was marketed more to Western Europe with many estates acquiring organic, biodynamic and Fairtrade certifications and the Tea Board of India pursuing authentication and international promotion of Darjeeling teas.

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