Darjeeling 1st Flush 2022 Tea

1st Flush 2022
As we are passing through the early weeks of February 2022 this year we have witnessed many rain showers with snowfall at regular intervals in Darjeeling. It is indeed a very good sign for a very good 1st Flush Darjeeling Tea harvest which will start from the early weeks of March 2022 this year, we are hopeful that we might not see a draught like situation this year during this harvest.

We are looking forward to select only the best 1st flush Darjeeling teas as usual from premium tea gardens of Darjeeling. We might add some new tea gardens to our list and remove some from our list this year depending on the highest quality teas that they produce this year.

Why First Flush is Expensive

There are some regular question that we receive from our customers that why are some 1st Flush Darjeeling teas much expensive than others? This is because we select most of our 1st Flush Darjeeling teas from the early harvest, when the pruned bushes starts conceiving the new and tender shoots and buds during the early spring harvest. Only the trained tea pluckers can carefully pluck these wonderful shoots and buds and further produce a fantastic batch of premium tea.

As I have mentioned in some of my previous blogs that good teas always mature with time and one can also enjoy a fantastic cup of our 1st flush Darjeeling teas even after 1 year from purchase. So, these teas are limited in stock, highest in quality and even we have to purchase these lots of fine teas at high prices hence,these teas are slightly high in price than most of the other teas in our list.
It is still very cold in Darjeeling when I am writing this blog and I am still keeping myself warm with a cup of Darjeeling tea. We are looking forward to receiving samples from various tea gardens of Darjeeling once the spring harvest starts.

We are looking forward to procure and offer the best 1st Flush 2022 Darjeeling teas which this harvest season has to offer this year!