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  • Organic Liza Hill 1st Flush 2023

    Liza Hill Organic Moonshine – Ex11


    This esteemed organic tea garden in Darjeeling has created a premium batch of exotic 1st Flush 2023 Darjeeling tea. The expert tea pluckers meticulously select two leaves and a bud during the early hours of the morning to ensure the highest quality standards for the shoots and buds.

    This particular batch is harvested from the B.S.Bari section of the garden, the highest elevation area where young AV2 clonal bushes are grown. Due to the cold temperature conditions, the growth of leaves and shoots is slow, resulting in packed flavors of succulent tropical fruits and spring flowers.

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  • Liza Hill Organic Moonshine - Second Flush 2023

    Liza Hill Organic Moonshine EX22 – SF23


    This esteemed tea garden located in Darjeeling has successfully produced a high-quality batch of exotic 2nd Flush 2023 Darjeeling tea.

    The skilled tea pluckers carefully handpick two leaves and a bud during the early morning hours to ensure that the shoots and buds meet the highest quality standards.

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  • 1st Flush 2023, Darjeeling Tea

    North Tukvar (Delight) – sftgfop-1|DJ1


    This is a superb 1st Flush 2023 Darjeeling tea, harvested from the youngest clonal bushes of this vintage tea garden in Darjeeling. The small dry leaves boast an abundance of shiny silver tips, releasing gentle floral notes with hints of nuts, berries, and vanilla.

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  • Darjeeling Green Tea from 2nd Flush 2023

    Okayti Organic Green Tea – SF23


    Experience the joy of a delightful and healthful beverage tailored for this season.

    This is an organic green tea sourced from one of the most beautiful tea gardens in Darjeeling’s picturesque Mirik valley.

    Through meticulous processing, the dry leaves acquire a charmingly wiry appearance, releasing a gentle, flowery, and subtly spicy aroma.

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  • Puttabong Clonal Flowery, Autumn Flush 2023

    Puttabong Organic Clonal Flowery – AF23


    An impeccably crafted Autumn Flush 2023 Darjeeling tea, handpicked from organic clonal bushes. The dry leaves have undergone high firing and meticulous processing, resulting in a smaller leaf size.

    These dry leaves release a delightful aroma encompassing dark chocolates, caramel, sweet dates, and luscious jaggery, among other enticing notes.

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  • 1st Flush 2024, Puttabong Moondrops

    Puttabong Organic Moondrops – Ex-4 | FF24


    This exquisite 2024 Darjeeling tea, harvested during the first flush, hails from a distinguished organic tea estate in Darjeeling. For 19 consecutive years, we’ve received the esteemed “Moondrops” batch from this garden, and we’re thrilled to present this year’s exceptional harvest.

    Skilled tea pluckers carefully gathered the leaves from pure AV2 clonal bushes at dawn, when they were enveloped in dew, resulting in a vibrant, fresh green appearance.

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  • Puttabong Organic - !st Flush 2023, Darjeeling Tea

    Puttabong Organic Moondrops | EX-6


    This premium 1st Flush 2023 Darjeeling tea is of excellent quality and is manufactured by a highly regarded organic tea garden in Darjeeling. For the past 18 years, the garden has consistently produced the “Moondrops” batch for us, and we are proud to offer this year’s top batch.

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  • Risheehat Organic flowery, Darjeeling Tea

    Risheehat Organic Flowery | EX23 – AF23


    An exquisite vintage-style Autumn Flush 2023 Darjeeling tea, renowned for its premium quality, carefully plucked from organic and pristine China bushes located in the high-altitude section of the garden.

    The tea undergoes meticulous processing and firing, revealing a sumptuous aroma reminiscent of hazelnuts, plums, honey, and chocolates in its dry state.

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  • 1st Flush 2024 - Risheehat Flowery

    Risheehat Organic Flowery- ftgfop1-Ex3 | FF24


    This exquisite 2024 Darjeeling first flush tea originates from the highest elevation young cultivars at the renowned organic Risheehat tea estate, showcasing exceptional craftsmanship.

    Its carefully processed dry leaves, adorned with delicate silver tips, exude a rejuvenating aroma of spring flowers complemented by hints of vanilla, white chocolate, and honey.

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  • Risheehat Organic Muscatel - 2nd Flush 2023

    Risheehat Organic Muscatel ftgfop-1 | Ex18 – SF23


    This remarkable batch of premium 2nd Flush 2023 Darjeeling tea is derived from mature and century-old China bushes cultivated at an elevation exceeding 4500 feet above sea level.

    The organic nature of this Darjeeling tea ensures its superior quality. The meticulous processing and sorting of this batch result in uniform leaf size and a coppery hue in its dry state. In this state, the dry leaves emit a delightful aroma reminiscent of chocolates, caramel, roasted nuts, sweet apricots, and ripe Muscat grapes.

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  • Samabeong Organic 1st Flush 2023

    Samabeong Organic Spring Blossoms – EX1


    Nestled at an altitude of over 6000 feet, this tea estate is the highest organic tea estate in Darjeeling. Its year-round atmospheric and soil conditions create the ideal environment for producing some of the most unique and delicious organic Darjeeling teas.

    We have discovered one of the finest batches of organic 1st flush 2023 Darjeeling tea from this estate. The well-sorted, twisted dry leaves contain bold silver tips, and this delicious tea is harvested from 100% pure and young AV2 clonal bushes.

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  • Samabeong Organic 1st Flush 2024 Darjeeling Tea

    Samabeong Organic Spring Blossoms-Ex-2 | FF24


    Nestled at an altitude exceeding 6000 feet, this tea estate stands as Darjeeling’s highest organic tea plantation. Its year-round atmospheric and soil conditions foster an optimal environment for cultivating some of the most distinctive and flavorful organic Darjeeling teas.

    We’ve unearthed a superb batch of organic 1st flush 2024 Darjeeling tea from this estate. The meticulously sorted, twisted dry leaves boast prominent silver tips, sourced from 100% pure and youthful AV2 clonal bushes.

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  • Darjeeling Organic Seeyok Autumn Flush 2022

    Seeyok Organic Autumn Musk | DJ-232


    This is an excellent batch of pure Autumn flush 2022 Darjeeling tea plucked from 100% pure China bushes. This awesome batch of Darjeeling tea is very well processed and has a dehydrated look in the dry leaf state. The dry leaves releases delicious aroma of ripe muscat grapes, chocolates and ripe apricots.

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  • Singbulli Organic Clonal Delight - Autumn Flush 2023

    Singbuli Clonal Delight – DJM245 – AF23


    An exceptional organic Autumn Flush 2023 Darjeeling tea of remarkable quality, handpicked from the highest elevation AV2 clonal bushes in the scenic Tingling section of this charming Darjeeling tea garden.

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  • Singbuli Organic Moonshine - 2nd Flush 2023 Darjeeling Tea

    Singbuli Organic Moonshine SF23


    This is an extraordinary organic 2nd Flush 2023 Darjeeling tea, carefully handpicked at the height of the summer harvest. This particular batch originates from the esteemed Tingling division of this picturesque tea garden nestled in the Mirik Valley of Darjeeling, situated at an impressive elevation of over 3000 feet.

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  • Singbuli Muscatel - 2nd Flush 2023

    Singbuli Organic Muscatel-Exm44 – SF23


    This beautiful tea garden, located in the Mirik Valley of the Darjeeling district, produces an exquisite organic Second Flush Darjeeling tea from the finest China bushes.

    The tea leaves are carefully processed, showcasing an abundance of small silver tips. The dry leaves emit a delightful aroma reminiscent of cocoa powder, sweet jaggery, large cardamoms, cloves, and sweet musk.

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