Darjeeling 1st Flush 2023

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  • Arya Organic Diamond - 1st Flush 2023, Darjeeling Tea

    Arya Organic Diamond


    One of the most prestigious organic tea plantations in Darjeeling has produced a top-notch quality 1st Flush 2023 Darjeeling tea, known as the ‘Diamond‘.

    This batch is considered one of the best to come out of the garden this year, as only the best quality buds and shoots from AV2 clonal bushes were harvested during the early spring season.

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  • Balasun Darjeeling 1st Flush 2023

    Balasun ftgfop-1 Flowery-Ex2


    This is a superb 1st Flush 2023 Darjeeling tea, harvested from pure china bushes in a beautiful Darjeeling tea garden. The dry leaves have been slightly high fired, resulting in a slightly dark greenish appearance with ample silver tips. The dry leaves give off a refreshing aroma of spring flowers, exotic spices, pine wood, and fennel seeds.

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  • Glenburn Clonal Delight

    Glenburn Clonal Delight – Ex34


    This is a premium batch of 1st Flush 2023 Darjeeling tea, made in a classic style by a well-known Darjeeling tea garden.

    The tea leaves are harvested from high-quality clonal bushes and processed in the traditional Darjeeling way, resulting in small, well-sorted leaves with tiny silver tips. The dry leaves have a light, flowery aroma with strong hints of dry fruits, peaches, and honey.

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  • 1st Flush 2023 - Glenburn Moonshine Darjeeling Tea

    Glenburn Moonshine Elite-Ex12


    This is an exceptional premium 1st Flush 2023 Darjeeling tea, plucked from pure AV2 clonal bushes during the peak harvest by the expert tea pluckers of the estate.

    After tasting many batches, we can confirm that this is the best batch to have rolled out of the garden during the early 1st flush harvest this year.

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  • Jungpana Organic Imperial

    Jungpana Organic Imperial ftgfop1-DJ74 – FF23


    In mid-April 2023, an expertly crafted organic First Flush Darjeeling tea was produced, which stands out as an exceptional example of its kind.

    This premium quality tea is harvested from 100% pure China bushes in the world-renowned Darjeeling tea garden and is made in a classic style.

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  • Organic Liza Hill 1st Flush 2023

    Liza Hill Organic Moonshine – Ex11


    This esteemed organic tea garden in Darjeeling has created a premium batch of exotic 1st Flush 2023 Darjeeling tea. The expert tea pluckers meticulously select two leaves and a bud during the early hours of the morning to ensure the highest quality standards for the shoots and buds.

    This particular batch is harvested from the B.S.Bari section of the garden, the highest elevation area where young AV2 clonal bushes are grown. Due to the cold temperature conditions, the growth of leaves and shoots is slow, resulting in packed flavors of succulent tropical fruits and spring flowers.

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  • 1st Flush 2023, Darjeeling Tea

    North Tukvar (Delight) – sftgfop-1|DJ1


    This is a superb 1st Flush 2023 Darjeeling tea, harvested from the youngest clonal bushes of this vintage tea garden in Darjeeling. The small dry leaves boast an abundance of shiny silver tips, releasing gentle floral notes with hints of nuts, berries, and vanilla.

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  • Puttabong Organic - !st Flush 2023, Darjeeling Tea

    Puttabong Organic Moondrops | EX-6


    This premium 1st Flush 2023 Darjeeling tea is of excellent quality and is manufactured by a highly regarded organic tea garden in Darjeeling. For the past 18 years, the garden has consistently produced the “Moondrops” batch for us, and we are proud to offer this year’s top batch.

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  • Samabeong Organic 1st Flush 2023

    Samabeong Organic Spring Blossoms – EX1


    Nestled at an altitude of over 6000 feet, this tea estate is the highest organic tea estate in Darjeeling. Its year-round atmospheric and soil conditions create the ideal environment for producing some of the most unique and delicious organic Darjeeling teas.

    We have discovered one of the finest batches of organic 1st flush 2023 Darjeeling tea from this estate. The well-sorted, twisted dry leaves contain bold silver tips, and this delicious tea is harvested from 100% pure and young AV2 clonal bushes.

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  • Singbulli Darjeeling Organic Tea 2023

    Singbulli Organic Snow White – EX9


    This season’s most distinctive Darjeeling tea displays unparalleled craftsmanship both in the cup and in its dry leaves. Harvested from the highly prized Tingling division, this exceptional 1st Flush 2023 Darjeeling tea comes from young AV2 clonal bushes planted at a high elevation renowned for producing delicious clonal Darjeeling teas.

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  • Sungma Organic, 1st Flush Darjeeling Tea

    Sungma Organic Mystic- Ex7


    This exceptional organic Darjeeling tea is among the best of the 2023 First Flush season, crafted by a well-respected and high-altitude tea garden in Darjeeling.

    Situated at an elevation of over 5000 feet, the garden grows pure and youthful P312 clonal bushes, which are meticulously plucked to produce twisted, wiry dry leaves with abundant silver tips. The dry leaves exude a tantalizing aroma of ripe mangoes, plum, white chocolates, apricots, and spring blossoms.

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  • Thurbo Moonlight - Darjeeling 1st Flush 2023 by Tea Emporium

    Thurbo Moonlight-Ex10


    This is an exceptional, premium 1st Flush 2023 Darjeeling tea that is made by an expert tea maker in Darjeeling during the peak harvest.

    The tea is carefully crafted by plucking only two leaves and a bud from the youngest Av2 and P312 clonal bushes in a special section of the garden, and processing them with a unique technique that results in an outstanding batch of Darjeeling tea.

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